tail biting

  1. N

    Rummy got his tail bitten off

    Hello fishy friends, I think one of my Blackskirts just ate one of my new Rummy Nose Testra’s tail. I didn’t actually witness it but the Blackskirt looks kind of guilty tbh. Mr Rummy is wiggling about a lot as it’s pretty hard for him to get around now without a tail. His friends are trying to...
  2. Divinityinlove

    Guppy tail damaged!?

    First time having an issue like this! Very concerned. Fish is swimming fine, but tail looks awful! I check on my fish daily multiple times, I woke up to notice this guppy's tail is half gone? I've got 4 female bettas but they're usually shy and won't even fight for food, guppies are 3x larger in...
  3. bayaan.bawab

    Fin Biting? aggravated Betta Fish?

    Hey guys, uhhhh so I kinda have an emergency, When I went to feed my betta this morning I noticed something blue in his mouth he dropped it when he came to eat but I think it might have been his tail. He was fine in the morning but now he is getting mad at me, i dont know why he's flaring at me...
  4. onefieshcedrick

    Injured Betta- Urgent

    So right now I'm writing this post with the prayers that my betta is okay. Earlier today while I was changing out his water he jumped out of the tank and into the sink. I panicked and grabbed him by the tail and put him back in the tank. Unfortunately, my nails ripped his tail and he was lying...
  5. onefieshcedrick

    Betta is Scared Of Me After a Whole Year

    So I've had my betta for a little less than a year, and a few months after I got him he warmed up to me significantly- he would follow my finger around his tank and I've been doing my best to take care of him. But lately, he's been acting scared of my finger. I'll hold up a finger to the tank...
  6. F

    Obsessively Flaring at Matte Black Wall

    I got a new betta, Artax, about a month ago. When I first got him, he had swim bladder disorder which I have since fixed but now he has gotten a different problem. After he was cured, he was a normal little fishy just gaining weight back. He was super calm and docile. I had a shrimp in with him...
  7. A

    Rescued betta with shredded/missing fins

    Hi everyone! I’m realitively new to the fish world, however I’ve done extensive research on Bettas over the past month before making the commitment to own a betta fish. Before adopting my little guy I acquired a 5.5 gallon filtered tank and a 50 watt heater. Right now I’m only treating the...
  8. B

    Fin rot or tail biting?

    Bought this betta 5 days ago, and his fins weren't like this upon purchase - i believe its just tail biting but i want to be sure.