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  1. S

    Copper Pipe

    Hi all, I am currently experimenting with various methods of tank hoovering in an attempt to make it as easy as possible for me and as stressless as possible for the fish etc. My current version will include a length of COPPER pipe that sits outside of the tank that will be permanently filled...
  2. S

    Siphon / Syphon Pump

    Hi all, Looking for a little advice as to whether this pump would be OK to use in my freshwater tropical set up? https://www.screwfix.com/p/hilka-pro-craft-multi-purpose-siphon-pump-kit/580hp I know it will do the trick but I'm a little concerned about any chemical pollution of my tank water. Mark
  3. T

    Cleaning problem with water quantity

    Hello, I am reasonably new to the hobby and have a reasonably small around 30-40 litre tank and have a Syphon tube for cleaning gravel however, I get half way through cleaning and the water gets really low in the tankand I have to fill another bucket of water, dechlorinate, put it back in and...
  4. Dandx13

    Faster/easier Water Changes

    Hey everyone, I was just browsing through home depot when i found a product that actually makes my life easier. It was strenuous on my back to constantly be loading buckets of treated water into my 125 gallon tank. This electric syphon is only about $15 and just wanted to share this with anyone...