swordtail babies

  1. Connershawzz


    We could have sworn our female was prego , but since we had a bichir I figured he ate the eggs. This was about a month ago. Today on my lunch come home to show my buddy my bichir , 4 baby velvet wag swordtails and counting! I’ve been begging my wife for a second tank , guess who’s on her way to...
  2. G

    Possibly pregnant Swordtail help!!

    Fat or pregnant swordtail ?? Is she is pregnant how much longer do you think until babies? … so sorry she is pooping😂 It’s a koi female swordtail and I also have a male koi swordtail I have another post too today for a platy if u can help with that too won’t let me put vids so they are blurry