sunken belly

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  1. C

    Discus with indented/sunken belly but he is eating

    hello everyone, as the title explains I keep Diskus and one of them is behaving weirdly. I’ve been reading posts on here about inflated belly’s and discus, but the causes never fit to mine. Has has a really sunken in belly and the head itself is pretty thin aswell. He is not bullied. Only the...
  2. K

    Oscar fish- Sunken belly.

    Hi, I’m Karan from Bangalore, India. I have only one 4 inch Oscar in my 3*1.5*2 feet aquarium. It has a maintained temperature of 28 degrees Celsius and a filter. From a past few days my fish has stopped accepting any type of food. When I consulted my fish expert he told me the Oscar has sunken...
  3. Lauren J

    Mollies with sunken bellies???

    I lost my new black molly last week after noticing she had a sunken belly after giving birth. This week, my white molly has clamped fins and developed a sunken abdomen almost overnight. She is rubbing up against decorations and rocks. Also, my other black molly also has clamped fins and a slight...
  4. crunch7

    How to treat Internal Parasites and sunken belly in African Cichlids ( Malawi) using metro

    Hi , My main tank a 75 gallon 4.5 feet long African Malawi Cichlid community tank with some 25 odd has been infected by internal parasites as I have noticed few fish are having sunken belly and stringy white poop. I have done the following already since past 4 weeks. I am keeping them on...
  5. K

    Fish Tb, Parasites Or What?! Help !

    Hi! Last time I wrote about ICH disease thinking my fish got it. Now they don't have it because I don't see any dots. Unfortunately I see other symptoms. I was scarred of another disease called Fish TB (FISH TUBERCULOSIS/Mycobacterium). About 4-5 months ago I got as a gift some platies and...