stupid petsmart

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  1. P

    Petsmart and their strange policies

    This is an interesting one. I got a couple fish at petsmart 2 days ago and one died, I called about a refund and they hit me with the strangest thing… they want me to bring them the dead fish with my reciept. I was shocked to say the least and had no idea how to respond to that XD. I was just...
  2. greenmumma141

    Lfs Gave Me The Wrong Cories >:{

    Well, another frustrating incident with the my LFS (coughpetsmartcough). It has been a long road with my cories and I... Ive bought them a humongous new tank, switched from gravel to sand, going heavily planted... and all just so I can up my number of cories to get a couple happy little shoals...