stop betta deaths in cups

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  1. Jan Cavalieri

    Two water changes, numbers remain unchanged - killed my Betta

    I received 12 chili raspbora Fry yesterday - I had ordered 4 but they sent 12, but they are all just barely coming out of Fry age. There had been quite a delay because their other Chili Rasboras were showing signs of fin rot so they weren't going to send those, so I really didn't know when to...
  2. RCA

    Leaflet On Betta Splendens And How To Keep Them

    Welcome all to the start of what we hope will be a worthwhile little project for all of us who  these fish and no-longer wish to see them treated badly in stores, or by people who are not aware of how to care for them.   The idea came from this topic, focusing on the positive approach assisting...