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  1. KatNor21

    Clean up crew suggestions

    I have a 30 gallon long with neon tetras and honey gourami - 27 total small fish. I'd like to add some cleanup crew. I do have a couple nerite snails and they're keeping the driftwood pretty clean, but many of my plants have brown hair algae spreading around. I already have amano shrimp in...
  2. C

    30 gallon stocking ideas?

    I just bought a fluval flex 123 (32.5g) and need some stocking ideas. Currently I have: 1 BSNP (Juvenile) 4 Black Khuli Loaches 3 Yoyo (fat) Loaches (Juvenile) 3 CPDs 1 Panda Gara (Juvenile) I know I should get some more CPDs. But I feel like this stocking is missing something but I'm not too...
  3. R

    My name is Ravenes and I’m looking for stocking suggestions

    I have 4 White skirt tetras and a single black and white angelfish was wondering if I could add some color to the bottom of my tank with corys or at least a pair of rams, thanks for reading. My tank is 30 gallon tall. My dimensions should be at least(ballparking it) 24x12x25. I’m from California...
  4. nofishinginmytank


    Well wanting to sort out my fish tank situation I went to the lfs today after finishing my shift at work :) I decided to sort everything out, so I contacted advertiser I had seen on preloved about the fish tank I had been looking at all week. It's a 300L Juwel Rio 300 Black Aquarium, it's...