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  1. primsloaches16

    New Stocking List vs Old! Need Opinions- Improvement?

    So yall who have bared with me since my horrible beginning, I've had around 40 lovely little creatures in a 32.5 and 20, which was massively overstocked! I vowed that when I moved I would get a larger tank to better disperse the fish to live comfortably, and less crowded! Well I moved into my...
  2. B

    30 Gallon Stocking List

    I have bought a 32 gallon Bio-Cube with the protein skimmer, VorTech mp10 Power head and the Aqueon 150 watt heater. I plan on buying 25-30 pounds of dry live rock, and live sand. I also plan on putting quite a bit of coral. I have 2 fish I would like to put in but I am not sure on others. I am...
  3. F

    Stocking List

    Hi all,   I have a 70L (18 US Gal) tank, pH 8.5, Temp 24 degrees celcius, Fairly heavily planted, Rock and wood decor.   I plan to stock as follows:   1) 3x Endlers Livebearer (3x Male) 2) 5x Cherry Barb (3x Female, 2x Male) 3) 3x Platy (3x Male) or (3x Female?) 4) 2x Assasin Snail   Would this...
  4. greenmumma141

    Stocking List For New 60g Tank! Woohoo!

    Picking up my new 60 Gallon (4ft) today guys!!! I plan to do a fishless cycle with mature media (sponge + ceramic rings), but I just wanted to get some input on my stocking ideas. Most of the room will be taken up by the fish I already have, they all have to move to the new tank, as Im breaking...