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  1. Ellie Potts

    Christmas Stocking Craziness - please help!

    Had to leave the forum for a week or two... but I am back! And with plenty of questions ;) I'm very fortunate to have friends and family that support this hobby, although none of them seem to really understand it. That became apparent this Christmas when a few decided to buy me fish unaware of...
  2. ember04

    How many African dwarf frogs in a 7.5 gallom

    Can anyone help me? I am setting up a 7.5-gallon African dwarf frog tank. The tank will be specifically designed around ADF and will have no other tank mate (maybe a snail but that is it). The tank will be planted in a 'jungle' style so very heavily planted and will have lots of driftwood and...
  3. N

    Stocking List With Some Questions

    Hi all! After some serious testing on my patience, my tank is finally cycled. Yay!! I have a few lists of possible stocking ideas and I wanted to double check to make sure they are ok, which would be best along with a couple questions regarding them. My tank is a 10g gallon with gravel...