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  1. Stefan3289

    75 gallon SA cichlid stocking advice

    Hello all, I made a post a few days ago but go no replies so I’ll try my luck again. So currently I have a 75g (284L) tank that I’ve had for about 3 years now and was wondering if I would be able to add any new additions and what some suggestions would be. Stock 1 synodontis (6”) 1 Red...
  2. crupp29

    Stocking Ideas for 29 Gallon Tank

    I recently purchased a 29 gallon tank and wanted to get some community fish once it is finished cycling. The problem is that I’m not sure which fish would work well with each other, the parameters, the tank size, etc. The parameters are 300 ppm hardness, 300 ppm alkalinity, and 8.2 pH. If...
  3. J

    Corydora tank stocking?

    Hello, I have a 75 litre (20 gallon) aquarium with only 3 livebearers in it currently. The tank has been running for over 2 years but I have had it under stocked for the past 6 month's. I am getting some corydoras this afternoon and I know they like being in large groups, so my question is can I...
  4. Stefan3289

    Which group of tetras to get for 30 gallon

    Currently have a 29 gallon with 3 honey gouramis, 8 Cory catfish (plan to get it to 10) and then 6 moss balls (if they really count) I was debating which group of fish I could add. I have tried tiger barbs and cardinal neons, but no luck. How many could I add of these? Black neon Emperor...
  5. D


    Hey guys. I have a question, I gave a 10g with a dwarf gourami, few platies, 5 khuli loaches and a small school of glowlight tetras. It sounds like alot on paper but the tank actually looks pretty empty. Its heavily planted with lots of hiding places. I havnt had any fights or Deaths. The...
  6. Stefan3289

    Angelfish with severums and acaras?

    So I have a 75 gallon with the stock of: 2 severums (1 gold 1 spotted) 2 EBAs (I also have a seperste questjon that I will post about them below) 1 Polar blue parrot convict cichlid (my little jellybean :D ) 1 synodontis (who is almost 9 years old compared to the rest that are 1 year olds)...
  7. Stefan3289

    Pondering 75 gallon addition

    So another one of my acaras past away a few days ago (I believe there was something wrong with his brain as he was behaving very strange, would swim very weirdly, and wouldn't eat). All the other fish are doing great though especially Jellybean, the PB parrot convict I added. He is 2-4 times...
  8. Stefan3289

    Cory Shenanigans

    So I have a 29 gallon (30” by 12” by 18” ) I have 3 honey gouramis 10 neon tetras 6 cories (1 albino, 3 green, 2 peppered) 4 of my cories past away, one of the green ones because of old age and the other three were pandas (never getting them again, sad to see they have been breed to last...
  9. A

    20 gal. stocking ideas

    Hi everyone! I'm looking at getting a 20-gallon tank in the next few months, but I'd like to figure out my stocking before I decide on the specific tank/plants/decor/etc. I'm having trouble deciding on an exact combination (too much to chose from!) and would appreciate some brainstorming. I'm...
  10. Stefan3289

    Stock for 29 gallon?

    Dimensions are 30” by 12” by 18” (L,D, H) I have 10 cories (might get 2 more) PH: 7 GH 160 ppm (9 DKH) KH: 0 Temp:75-78 for cories. I was thinking of either getting: Kribensis Cichlids (I cant tell if they are bottom or mid dwellers Emperor tetra Black neon I was also told that some...
  11. Stefan3289

    29 gallon stock

    Currently have a shole of 10 cories and I wanted to add some top dwellers in my 29 gallon. Tank measures 24" by 12" by 18" (L,D,H). water measurement are: GH: 160 ppm (mod soft water) KH: 0 ppm PH: 7 Since I have the cories, I was looking for some community fish that like cooler water like...
  12. Stefan3289

    How many 3.5” fish in a 29 gallon

    Currently have 10 cories and my PB parrot convict. Going off that they grow 3.5”, (worst case scenario is I have to sell them/rehome them but I’m confident they grow to what someone said who breeds them). How many friends can I add for my BP in the 29. Should I do even or odds?
  13. Stefan3289

    75 gallon South American cichlid stock options

    So I currently have: 2 severums (gold and red spotted) 2 acaras (one EBA one blue) 1 synodontis (who is very very old :( I was wondering whatI could add to the tank, considering two of the acaras I had are now gone. The synodontis only has another two years left since he is almost 8 years old...
  14. A

    What can I stock my 10 gallon with??

    I recently got a 54L (approx.10gallon) fishtank and absolutely love it. I used to have a 17L tank with 6 guppies in it, and one cardinal tetra from when my niece had one left over. So when I got the new tank, I transferred them to it and got a tiger nerite snail. So... I have 6 guppies, 1 neon...
  15. P

    60L Tank Stock Query

    Hello in my tank I currently have 10 neon tetras, 1 Betta and 2 dwarf otto's. I am wanting to add more otto's I was thinking maybe 8 more to make a shoal of 10 as I know they like being in a group and 2 isn't enough! Doesn't have to be a shoal of ten could be 6 if it's to many. The tank is...