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  1. M

    Hyper Betta - is This Normal?

    Tank Details TANK > https://www.petsmart.ca/fish/starter-kits/top-fin-3.5-gallon-enchant-aquarium-38392.html?cgid=300128 SUBSTRATE > https://www.petsmart.ca/fish/decor-gravel-and-substrate/gravel-sand-and-stones/top-fin-caribbean-sea-aquarium-gravel-17573.html?cgid=300103 HEATER >...
  2. S

    Svyatoslav In The Great 10 Gallon

    Heres a picture of my pet crowntail betta Svyatoslav, or Borris. I was taking a Russian history class at my university and the name kept coming up and was fun to say,but he also goes by Boris for those who can't pronounce or remember Svyatoslav. I have had him for about 9 months now and he's...
  3. D

    A Few Of My Livebearers.

    Just a few livebearers I am currently keeping:   Alfaro cultratus, I have a trio of these, 2 female 1 male, I find them very shy, not had them long:   Ameca splendens, I have 19 of these, which I picked up from Jamie Owens, thanks again!   Xenotoca eiseni, I have 4 of these, also recently...
  4. VickyChaiTea

    My Booyyysss

    Here they are!   This is Scooter, a little rescue. Here he is before and after.   Jacknife <3 He's practically fluorescent.   Colonel Custard. Please excuse the tail damage, his fins are so long they get tattered at times. :(   Anchovy... the magical color changing tail biter. ;___;  ...

    He Just Won't Heal

    So I've had my betta since I got my tank about 8 months ago. I did get a couple of dwarf gourami maybe 3 months ago, and they started nipping at him so they had to go back to the shop :( After that they started healing up quite well, and I thought we were all going to live happily ever after...