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  1. TotallyTropical

    Rehoming Necessary?

    I was told a while back that my gourami choice was not the greatest and that I should reconsider it. About four more gouramis later, I realize I might have a small addiction to the little fellas Now I'm wondering, is it really that bad? Here's what I've got: -2 Snakeskins (one is a nice 6...
  2. TheresaK

    Guppy With Torn Fins

    Hello. I have a ten gallon tank with four male guppies, two female guppies, one pleco, one black ghost knife, two goldfish and two angelfish. I know it's very overcrowded and the species are mixed but I like it that way. Don't tell me that I'm a irresponsible fish keeper or what. Today when I...