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    Preg. Female Molly Agressive towards Male

    We just recently lost a female molly due to who knows what. No other issues in the tank, she just never grew then started acting completely strange and died. So we bought a Dalmatian lyre tail for our very large and "needy" black molly so he could have 3 females again. Mind you, he and the...
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    Silver flying fox

    I purchased a silver flying fox from my Lfs, but they usually do not keep them in stock, and it was the only one left. I have foun very little information on them, mainly only feeding habits and tank size. I keep him in my tank with a few red eye tetras, and he always seems to follow them at the...
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    Silvertip Tetra- Behaviour question

    Hi All! Recently (Approx 2.5 months ago) I introduced six Silvertip Tetra into my (new) community tank, they live alongside Paul (BN), 10 Neon Tetra & 8 Raspboros. They've all been living very happily but the last few days one of the silvertips is in my opinion acting a little weird. This...
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    Silver Hujeta Gars

    Hi! Im new to this site so please don't be mad if I post this in the wrong place   I have a Silver Hujeta Gar (Rocket Fish, Freshwater Barracuda) that I got about a week ago. It was with a spotted puffer, but sadly the puffer got pretty chewed up and died. (The people at the LFS said they'd be...
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    Free To Good Home Nr Loughborough - 3 Silver Dollars, 3 Hemiodus, 1 Ti

    Breaking down tank as we're moving soon and there isn't room for the tank at the new place.   We want to give the fish away to a good home. Collection only. Fish approx. 4 years old, silver dollars are approx. 3-4 inches.   email: