silver dollars

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  1. K

    Silver dollar white blotches

    Hello everyone i woke up today to two of my common silver dollars with white blotches all over them. If anyone could help me out in identifying and treating I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you
  2. AlisonV

    Breeding Silver Dollars

    Hello    I noticed my Silver Dollars were very much in the mood today and upon closer look I noticed the female was dropping eggs. I have managed to collect around 100+ eggs as the silver dollars share a tank with cichlids and I would think the cichlids would love to eat the eggs. Anyways I have...
  3. mr.bojangles

    Silver Dollar,, Please Help

    Hi Peps, Can anyone tell me what this growth is on the side of one of my Silver Dollar,, the fish are about 3/4ins long,,, Help please
  4. L

    Silver Dollar Problem! Please Help!

    I have 2 silver dollars. I HAD them in a community tank but every time I turned out the lights I would wake up with a dead fish! In total I lost 3 ballon bellies mollies and a bala shark before I put them in a separate tank. Right now the 2 of them are the in a tank with a silver gouramie which...
  5. S

    22 Gallon Tank- Rehoming My Monsters Dilemma?

    Hi all,   Long time no speak in the FishForums! Back with a dilemma about my fish tanks and welfare. Basically I have a 22 (ish) gallon, quite a long but narrow tank and a Juwel 70 litre tank. The Juwel has been set up for many years and at the moment is healthy but a bit understocked and under...
  6. K

    Tank Mate Advice Please.

    Evening all. New to the site, so Hi everyone. I'm after some advice please. I have a 55 gallon tank, and I love it. The fish I have in it currently are: 4 x blue gouramis, 4 x silver dollars, 1 x silver shark (I really don't think it is a shark, but it kinda looks like one) The biggest fish at...