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  1. Arjun

    Help! Swim bladder disease with my baby silver arowana

    I have 3 baby silver Arowana's which I keep in a large tub (don't be mad already has plans for a big pond) for now that tub is big for them. Like all of you I walk up to the tank and look at them frequently, today I looked at them just after I woke up, everyone was doing fine. After 2 hours I...
  2. I

    An idea for keeping arowana

    (To clarify, I do not wish to keep an arowana at this time, as I'm far too incompetent for such a difficult fish) I wonder if anyone has tried this, but since arowana need to jump, why not allow them? Hear me out. Hang a fine net from the ceiling and keep it under the tank. Make sure it's taut...
  3. Arjun

    Whats the perfect size of oscar to add in an Arowana tank?

    I have an 7inch silver arowanas in a tank with some angles to accompany him. I love Oscars so much want to add them too. But both shouldn't fit in each others mouth and also not fight. So what size oscars should i buy?
  4. Arjun

    Newly bought Silver Arowana Always stays at the bottom

    It's been 2 days since I bought a silver Arowana, and he always stays at the bottom when someone is near or during day time. He is about 6 inches, on the first day he just stayed at the bottom with his tail curled in, when I checked at night time he was swimming in all his glory, but during the...