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  1. danajs

    Lump on Betta’s tail?

    For a few weeks now, one of my boys has had what I can only describe as an air bubble on his tail and I was told it’s nothing to worry about, but I came down this morning and it’s more than quadrupled in size! He’s actively swimming and feeding, so it doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all...
  2. Ny82


    Hi folks, so I have a 30L tank which was originally set up as a fry tank. Fry have been moved to the main tank because I saw a chocolate/gold siamese fighter and had to have him. Long story shot the tank is filthy and needs stripped. I will document everything as I am doing it.        Picked up...
  3. LaurenRhiain

    Siamese Fighter Vs Krib Cichlid! Help!

    I recently purchased a male kribensis cichlid and today I noticed he was pecking at my Siamese Fighter's fins! The person at the shop said that the two would be fine in the same tank although this is clearly not right. Since I only have the one tank I was wondering what I should do.. Would my...