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  1. T

    Shoaling Fish

    I'm looking for advise on a shoaling fish for my aquarium, that will not be eaten by my Rope fish, the tank is 55g at the moment. Something that gets 4-4.5'' in length would work best, nothing that is too aggressive towards other tankmates Planted, sand substrate, any information will help.
  2. Elrohirthehasty

    Best Schoolers/shoal-Ers

    Which (small, community) fish form the tightest, most coherent schools/shoals? Opinions? Experience?
  3. jellychris

    How Can I Make My Tetras Shoal Together?

    I recently added 8 neon tetras into my 52 litre tropical tank which has a few guppies and cories. The tetras shoaled for the first day - still scared I assume - but now they have settled in they are all over the place. I much preferred it when they where shoaling but how can I make them shoal...