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  1. L

    Glowlight neon tetra - swimming jerky & lump on stomach

    Hi, my glowlight Tetra was lurking around at the bottom of the tank hiding, shaking a bit but seemed like it was just eating food off the bottom of the tank. A while later it was doing the same thing so I thought it can't be still eating, it was almost like it was vibrating/jerking (with its...
  2. C

    Shaking pregnant molly

    Hi! I became a tropical fish lover shorty after Christmas. Have had a 55 gallon cycled tank with good parameters since. Have one rainbow shark, 8 neon tetras, five glow fish, three mollys, and a yellow mystery snail. Yesterday my pregnant molly started shaking off and on and today is spending...
  3. ShyKitty91

    Seizuring Gourami?

    Hello; I've had my golden gourami over a year now and recently he started doing weird things.. It's been increasing in frequency the last few days.. He'll swim around normally then all of a sudden bolt like something attacked him (when clearly the other fish are not).. Usually resulting in him...