setting up

  1. Annemarie


    Hello! I’m finally getting around to getting the actual fish tank (36 gallon bow front) because I decided to take more time to think about everything. I’ve finallt confirmed stocking and everything I need. But before I actually get stuff, I want to be prepared to quarantine. I’ll be getting the...
  2. mbbowman

    Returning to the Fish World

    Hi! I was a member here long ago, back when I had a lovely 38 gallon plantic tank with my favorite Botia kubotai and tiger barbs. Between two moves and building a house, my tank has set empty for probably 6 or so years. We finally finishing our basement, and now my eyes are set towards a new...
  3. Brendt

    10 Gallon ideas

    Hi all, I’m currently cycling my tank ( I think) and looking for ideas to stock my tank. Here is how it started I was in my basement and found my old 10 gallon tank with the filter ( the basement is heated) I took it out cleaned The tank out bought a new filter because the old one didn’t work...
  4. PennyHardie

    An Addiction!

    Your help here has been fantastic... so fantastic that I am obsessed  with my fish tank and have ordered another slightly bigger one, hoping to run them both. I am going to transfer the fish in the first tank to the new one. Am I right in assuming that I should put all the eater in from the...
  5. S

    What Fish Can I Add

    I am currently setting up a 190l tank, fully equipped with filter and heater. I already have some fish from an old tank i plan on moving over (6neon Tetras, 2male platties, 2bristle nosed catfish, a zebra loach and a ruby shark) all of these fish have lived together fine, except for bickering...
  6. S

    Setting Up A New Cory Tank

    Hey,   I'm planning on setting up a cory tank in a Juwel Rio 240 it's 240 litres that's roughly 66 or so gallons for you Americans. I was thinking about going with black pool filter sand for the substrate. I'm curious to find out other peoples opinions on the best species to get and how many I...