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    Fish supply fail (Pls read fully)

    I wanted to get a test kit the most, but the store was sold out of freshwater master test kits. I asked my dad to go to another store, but he refused so I was stuck with what I could get. All the bottles of Prime left were tiny, so I got Aqueon water conditioner instead. Because there weren't...
  2. A

    Rate Our Tank Set up!

    Hey! My husband and I have just set up our 64l tank and it is currently completing it's fish-less cycle. I have gone on **Advisor to try and figure out a good set up for our first small tank. We are planning on: 6x Guppies 5x Dwarf Cory 1x African Dwarf Frog (Not the clawed kind!) 2x Mystery...
  3. D

    Is this set up good for dwarf african frogs?

    Once my larger rank cycles (almost complete) the only fish in my 10 gallon will be my baby betta. I'm thinking of adding dwarf African frogs. Is this set up safe for them? All my big opening are covered. How many frogs should I get?