serpae tetra

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  1. W

    How to be successful with Serpae Tetras

    I am new here, but was reading a lot of posts about Serpae Tetra negatives and warnings, and wanted to share my experience and provide a different view. That they are a * community tank fish. There is the asterisk. First, I learned the hard way. In a 29 gal planted tank, I dropped 6 Serpaes in...
  2. T

    SERPAE Tetra Acting weird .

    Around 7 days ago I noticed my serpae Tetra acting weird. She has a odd swimming pattern, She only uses her/his front fins and out of nowhere goes to a specific corner in the top of the tank and sits there in a straight up position. It’s not swimbladder. Should I be concerned ? My levels are...
  3. L

    Help, Algae eating fish needed

    Hey, I have a 56 litre tank but I can’t seem to find any algea eaters that’ll be okay with the fish I have in my tank. I have 3 Electric Blue Rams, One Dwarf Gourami, and 5 Serpae Tetras. I had otos before but they keep dying. The tank doesn’t produce that much algae it’s quite far away from the...
  4. S

    Serpae Tetra bubble

    I’m pretty new to the game and just joined the forum. I have six Serpae Tetras in a 30 gallon tank. I had to leave the country for 3 weeks and had my wife feed the fish and plants. When I got back I noticed a bubble looking growth on one of my tetras. I tried to look up what it may be but...
  5. CoryLover95

    Fin Rot/torn Fins Treatment

    Hi, I have a serpae tetra that I just bought from the pet store a few days ago.  I noticed that its fins are looking ragged, and it seems to have gotten worse over the past day or two.  Do you think this is fin rot?  Or aggression from a tankmate?  I haven't noticed any aggression, but of course...