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  1. SteakNShrimp

    Will these fish work well?

    I have a 55g tank with a few fish already in and I’m planning on adding more. I was wondering if my stocking ideas will work well. Please give me any suggestions and advice for my tank. I already have - 1 Rainbow Shark - 1 Rainbow Fish (Boesemani) - 1 Zebra Loach - 1 Male Marigold Swordtail -...
  2. ameliagb

    tank mates for my potentially semi-aggressive tank

    Hi there! I currently have a 55/60 gal tank (its rounded in the front so im not 100% sure on the size) but it has good floor space and lots of swim room. I have 2 small bichir polypterus that keep to themselves I only see them during water changes and occasionally when they're eating or darting...
  3. C

    New World stocking ideas

    Hi Guys. I'm currently cycling a 5ft 120G tank for a New World semi-aggressive tank. I have no experience in American Cichlids & Im really stuck for stocking ideas. Aquascape will be sand, bogwood, rocks, caves & fixed fake plants. Have decided on a Severum & Electric Blue Jack Dempsey or/and...
  4. W

    Semi Aggressive Stocking HELP

    Hello I have a 37 gallon freshwater tank ready to stock. My water is slightly soft and the tank dimensions are 30"L x 22-1/2"H x 12"W. My tank would be semi aggressive and I know I want... -7 Tiger barbs -3 of some kind of loach I would like a main attraction, very colorful and bigger. And I...
  5. S

    Stocking A 29 Gallon

    Hi everyone, this forum has been very helpful to me, and I figured I would join to help out as much as I can and have some questions answered for myself.   I am not a beginner to fishkeeping, but im not very experienced either. I had a 20 gallon (high) tank for two years, with the last sixth...