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  1. ChrisK

    Pleco Advise

    Hi my albino bristlenose plecos just had babies and I have at least 20 that I’ve been able to count. I have a 230L community where I already have 3 adult BM and a 105L betta tank that has one young BM so I can’t keep any more. Where can I sell them? LPS won’t take any dude to space and...
  2. M

    New Fish Tanks

    Hi i'm Alex I already have two tanks and I am looking to buy a good large or medium sized tank we are talking from 20Lto 60L does anyone know a website were I can get good cheap and good quality fish tanks from. Really cheap filters and equipment at low prices. Preferably an English company or...
  3. B

    Red Cherry Shrimp Sale

    Does anyone have or know of any Red Cherry Shrimp for sale?   Ive had a new tank 80l setup for 3months with a trio of betta splendorus in. I WANT SHRIMP. so bad   Does anyone have any shrimp for sale. Id prefer hi qual red cherrys but id be interested in nice bumblebees or anything new =)  ...
  4. three-fingers

    Fluval E 300W Digital Heater, Delivery Or Edinburgh Collection

    This is a great heater. Very accurate, with a digital thermostat as opposed to the traditional bi-metallic strip design used in nearly all other heaters, this means it's accuracy doesn't decline over the years as the bi-metallic strip very slowly degrades.  The other two benefits of this...