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  1. I

    Will salt & pepper and peppered Corys school together?

    So I currently have two peppered Corys and two panda corys. Naturally I need more, as everyone on here is so adamant to remind me that I really need 6 of each. My LFS doesn’t have any peppered corys but they do have salt & pepper corys and I was wondering if they schooled together because they...
  2. nofishinginmytank

    What Cory Is This?

    About 6 months ago I bought 2 corydoras unfortunately one died. I have always assumed that he is a peppered cory but I was never sure, my uncle who is the manager of my local fish shop just called him a cory. But now I have heard of salt and pepper cories and have seen lots of pictures of them I...
  3. sharkydog

    Betta, Tank Mates, A 10 Gallon Tank And More

    Okay so, I have a betta currently in a 2 gallon tank. He has a mystery snail with him currently, and has shown no signs of aggression. When I show him a mirror he flares, but he doesn't attack the glass or really do much else of anything and then stops flaring once the mirror goes away(in other...