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  1. danajs

    Is someone killing my Rummy Nose Tetras?

    Hi all 👋🏻 My partner has a 600l planted tank and had a lovely school of 30 Rummy Nose Tetras. Each morning we’re coming down to find one or two dead (stuck in the filter intake, but we do not believe they are being sucked in by it) and without any eyes (I know that once dead the other fish...
  2. primsloaches16

    Media of my lovelies- Will be Updated!

    Hey y'all! I have so many pics of my babies I want to share, but I felt like I was clogging up my posts with new threads for each time, so this will be a catalog of my pics, and will be updated when I get more! I hope y'all enjoy!
  3. S

    Fish with missing tails

    I recently adopted some rummynose tetras but they seem to be missing their back most fin and parts of their other fins as if they were in a tank with something that didn't like them. What is the fastest way to help them regrow their fin?
  4. Z

    Dying rummynose tetras and kuhlis

    I have a cycled 360l aquarium with kuhli loaches, Cosby gouramis, plecos and snails. This Friday I added 20 rummynose tetras. I bought them from my LFS which is highly regarded around here as having good stock and being safe to buy from (and giving good advice etc). Starting yesterday they began...
  5. T

    Beginners To Tropical Fish, All Was Going Well...

    Hi guys, First off a thankyou to the forum for providing myself and family with great info and advice while we begin this journey into the tropical fish keeping world. We started 2 weeks ago with a trip to our local stockists, we were persuaded (mainly by the dazzling lights and pretty...