root tabs

  1. rebe

    Are the resin balls in root tabs problematic for "sand sifter" fish or substrate dwellers/eaters?

    I was thinking of trying out the tropica root tabs for my 280L. It has a straight sand substrate in anticipation for substrate dwellers and fish who filter/look through the sand for their food. I wanted to check that using these root tabs with the resin balls won't eventually be problematic if...
  2. G

    Help! I Can't Get Anything to Grow

    I have tried using root tabs (one per plant, at base of plant, replace every 4 months as per instructions) on my rooted plants and seachem flourish for my floaters and nothing seems to be working. My hornwort seems to shed needles until there is either nothing left or just a small part covered...
  3. Aspen35

    Struggling with plants.

    I recently ordered some jungle Val. I knew it may take a while to adjust from being shipped, but it’s going very poorly. Was delivered September 28th. At first, I thought it wasn’t going to melt back or have too many problems, and it started sending runners. Now, everything is dying. The little...
  4. HoldenOn

    Overuse of root tabs

    Hey all, Got some more swords today, and these obviously need some root tabs. I had just put a batch in about 2 and a half weeks ago, and the package advises to use once a month. Could I put in just one or two root tabs with these new swords?
  5. S

    New planted tank - what fertilisers/foods are shrimp safe?

    Hi all, I am setting up a new 180l tank and am going for my first ever planted aquarium. I have laid out Prodibio AquaGrowth Soil on the base of the tank, and then a layer of Prodibio AquaShrimp Powder Soil which was recommended. I have purchased a selection of plants from my local aquarium...
  6. Tyler_Fishman

    Iron pill supplements, my results

    Root tabs can be expensive and not very convenient for me, as none of my lps sell them. I went to Walmart and checked out the medicine section, I purchased Spring Valley iron (27mg). My concern sprouted from reading my Osmocote fertilizer label (Which I use for my plants already) label, I saw no...
  7. greenmumma141

    What Root Tabs To Go With?

    Hello everyone :)  I have a 60 gallon tank that I would consider med-heavy planted. I currently dose 2 ml of liquid seachem flourish everday. No co2.  I have 2x 32watt T8's. I like the liquid ferts and know they're making a difference. All of my plants are taking off really well, except for my...