1. B

    Classification of neotropical cichlids according to "feeding behavior"

    Hello everyone, I am researching on genetics with neotropical cichlids, and would like to separate species (I am grouping by genus) according to feeding behavior. Feeding behavior I refer to the term used by some authors (Reference below along with more examples -see attached image-) to classify...
  2. P

    Thoughts on an Aquarium for my university final year design project

    Hi I'm at Huddersfield Uni studying Product Design and for my final project I am researching into tropical aquariums. I have had experience with a variety of small, tropical fish but wanted the thoughts of you lovely folk to help identify the niggly things you find difficult or frustrating about...
  3. P

    Fish Recommendations

    Hello everyone!   I'm a biology grad student in Canada. I've been trying to come up with ideas for what to research, but my main problem is that I don't really know what species I could look at, so I thought maybe you guys could help.   I'd basically like to study the effect that parasites have...
  4. Cadevan

    Mosquitofish Research Questions

    So, this may sound a little strange, and even awful to some, but at my college we have a start-up research project on fish and how the fracking industry and how untreated mine drainage effect their growth, development, and breeding. We're looking into using mosquitofish, as they are easy to...