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  1. Y

    Rescape suggestion

    I think ima rescape it like this Black - Substrate Brown - Wood piece Orange - Dragon stone Top left - Big (Hopefully) pearlweed "wall" Beside that - Lobelia cardinalis And at the bottom - Hygrophila polyserma Might also use old plants (Most of it is kinda dead cause i wasnt home for a month and...
  2. Hmarie37

    Pest snails

    Apologies if this is not emergency enough for this thread, still can’t figure out how to navigate forums😂 Anywho, my tank is infested with snails! I suppose one of the plants I got from a local pet shop had a snail and the rinse didn’t get it off😭 They have overrun my tank! I have tried to...
  3. Z

    30 gallon long, rescape, apistogramma

    I am doing one last group of purchase on Amazon before I do a large rescape of my apisto tank, and want know whether people have ideas about what to get, or anything they'd must have in an apisto tank. It is 120ltr, 30l. 100cmX30cmX40cm.
  4. Meg0000

    10 gallon tank rebuild

    Hi, I know all tanks are a sort of ecosystem but I would like to push it even more since the bioload in my 10 gallon is small. The tank will be inspired from "the betta paradise" by the cinescaper on youtube and by MD fish tank "ecosystem tank" also on youtube. My goal is basically to create a...
  5. nmacog

    Rescape - Reusing Water

    Hi all,   I am currently in the process of rescaping my 260L tank. Have syphoned off 50% of the water into various buckets etc and stored in my garage last night.   Have cleaned the tank and added Tropica Plant Substrate along with 25kg of Limpopo Sand. Also scaping with rocks tonight, along...
  6. N

    My 50G Mbuna Rescape

    Hi all! Finished re-scaping my 50G and wanted to share the update!  Attached is the video on YouTube and I'd like to see what you think.  Thanks.  
  7. FreshwaterAfishianado

    20 Gal. Re-Scape

    OK so its not complete yet but wanted to get some opinions. Its a 20 tall 24x12x16 inches Filtered by Aquaclear 50 and Top fin 20 Heated with starter kit 20 gal. Heater Lights are both 60 watt equivalent CFL lamps w/6500k bulbs Before: Now: I plan on adding live plants to replace the plastic...
  8. TallTree01

    The Tank Rescape.

    Okey dokey, I Rescaped my tank today. Here are the pics: Before: After: :fun: What do you think?
  9. Ny82


    Hi folks, so I have a 30L tank which was originally set up as a fry tank. Fry have been moved to the main tank because I saw a chocolate/gold siamese fighter and had to have him. Long story shot the tank is filthy and needs stripped. I will document everything as I am doing it.        Picked up...