1. TotallyTropical

    Betta Won’t Stop Flaring

    Alright, I didn’t think I’d have any new problems with my older betta, but here I am, with a problem. I just changed the lights in one of my bettas’ tanks to warm toned 6w LED light “sticks”. They work well and make the tank bright without the heat. Problem is now that the tank’s lighter, he can...
  2. AeonMapa

    Fish Won't Stop Chasing Reflection

    So I've had my little electric blue jack Dempsey for a little over a week now. He's doing good, eating well and not shy at all. The problem is he WONT STOP chasing his reflection. The first two days he was quite nervous, hiding in caves most of the  time. On the third day however he discovered...
  3. RCA

    Does Anyone Know How To Get Rid Of A Reflection?

    I have a good image of one of my new Bettas but I would like to get rid of the reflection, is this possible and if so, how please?   This is the image in question   This is the topic about him "Well what would you have done..."   Of course, I hope to get a similar image in the future without a...