red wag platy

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  1. angrysnort

    Red Wag Platy— Sick or Fine?

    You read the title. I need to know if my Red Wag Platy is okay. Lately it’s been swimming in weird patterns, like straight up or straight down, and staying very close to the surface. It isn’t gulping for air though, and I have a moss ball and a well functioning filter that is most definitely...
  2. C


    Im not sure if this is the right section of the forum but im new so im sorry if i should have put this some where else. However i think one of my Red Wag Platy fish my be ill. She hasn't been eating very much recently and has been hiding in their ship alot. She dosent have any green or white...
  3. S

    Red Wag Platy Or Dalmatian Molly Fry? (Pic)

    My tank has two types of fish in it, Red Wag Platy and Dalmatian Molly. I was cleaning my tank today and as I was replacing the water I noticed a tiny little fry hiding under one of my decorations. I had a hunch one of my Red Wag Platies were pregnant - if not two of them. I ran out to my LFS...