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  1. J

    Issues sexing German Blue Rams

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if I can get some help sexing my 2 new rams. I’ve been looking up online how to sex them but one of them I am stuggling with. I think the latter one is a female however the first one appears to have traits of both male and female rams so I’m struggling to identify...
  2. autyfish

    Stocking suggestions 37 gallon

    Okay so…tank is a 37 gallon high tank. There are 2 angelfish, 2 German blue rams, and 2 apistogramas and some Japanese trapdoor snails (they keep reproducing so I don’t know the number exactly). Am I fully stocked? Could we add a couple more fish? What would you suggest that like low ph and...
  3. D

    Favorite rams to keep and why?

    I've been looking into getting a pair (or one male and 2 females depending on what's best) but there's so many types! What's your personal favorite and why?
  4. A

    Bumblebee gobys and Rams together ??

    Hey, just recently got a new 60l tank for my flat in London and also have a 25l that I’ve had set up for about 3 years. For the 60l tank I’ve just bought golden ram pair and kuhli loaches and 4 tetras. And for the other tank I’ve set up a species only tank for the 4 bumblebee gobys. I wondered...
  5. M

    What gender are my German blue rams?

    Hey. I just recently got these two young rams. I tried to look up the difference between male and female and I have an idea, but certain thing are throwing me off. The darker one (I think it is a male) is darker, it has a longer dorsal fin in the front, the bottoms of its pelvic fins are darker...
  6. A

    Adding Rams with Discus

    I have a discus about 4" wide and I purchased a bunch of Ram cichlids to go into the aquarium. They are still in the quarantine tank but are almost ready to add to the bigger aquarium. My only worry is the size of the rams. They are maybe an inch long including tail. Are they too small at...
  7. S

    Do rams horn snails and trumpet snails escape?

    Hi Thanks for the response before re plant cleaning, I am curious about the use of the rams horn and Malaysian trumpet snails as a clean up crew in an aquarium with shrimp. Do you think these would escape? I have bottle aquariums where the snails have rarely ever gone above the water level. Do...
  8. Jessman

    New tank, what to stock with rams?

    I’ve decided to go back to fish keeping after selling my 4 tanks two years ago. So I’ve just bought a new 160L tank (haven’t picked it up yet so don’t know the parameters or make/model but have been told it’s more than 1meter wide) and I’ve got a list of the fish I would like but need advice...
  9. K

    Stocking 30 gallon tropical

    I currently have 3 corydoras, a dwarf gourami, and a ctenopoma. They all get along fine so far. We are hoping to get some larger fish because our ctenopoma can get up to 6 in and will eat whatever fits in their mouth. I was thinking an angelfish and maybe a gourami or a few rams (ones that...
  10. D

    Ram cichlids : I have questions about breeding

    Hello everybody. I'm new to this forum but I just wanted some questions about breeding. I'm getting a pair of gold rams, German blue rams and electric blue rams and my plan was to basically breed them and see how it goes and I just wanted to know exactly what I need for it. Was wondering if...
  11. V

    German or Bolivian rams?

    Hello there, I've had these two rams for about 5 months and I've noticed one of the two ( you will see in the pictures) has a very different colour and pattern to the other. I was wonder if somebody can sex or tell me what species they are!! Thanks in advance!!
  12. LordOfTheFish

    Angelfish And Rams?

    Hi! So, I just had a quick question...In general, can angelfish and rams live together, or are they too aggressive? Also, how many of each would you recommend in a 60 gallon long tank? I already have 1 angel, 3 adult platies and 2 babies, 5 runnynose tetras and 4 clown loaches. Thanks in advance...
  13. dave840f1

    Survival Of Eggs

    This is a quick snap of my Ramirezi not 12 months old yet. First brood seems to be a good pair, what's the chance of them not eating the eggs? Sorry about quality I must get more practice!
  14. C

    Ideal Setup For Ram Cichlids?

    I recently acquired a 90L tank from a friend (I think 24 gallons, approx? Sorry, I'm Australian so I'm not great at the conversions from metric). I had kept a pair of German Ram Cichlids in the past in my 200L community tank but it was a struggle looking after them in there because the water was...
  15. M

    Gold Rams

    I have two male golden ram and my mother got me 2 female rams. Now at the moment my two male rams are separated and I am wondering if i can introduce both males after I have introduced the two females into a tank were the one male is. Does any one know. Thanks
  16. Cadevan

    So I Found The Answer To One Problem And Have Another

    I have a ten gallon, four guppies, 2 corries, and two rescued GBRs (were going to be flushed by dorm mate who was moving to a no-pets appartment) the female hasn't been eating, it's been almost 2 weeks now and she's thin and pale, but the male is as gorgeous as could be and is one of the better...
  17. C

    New Blue Rams

    I have just had a reshuffle and have purchased 2 beautiful Blue Rams from my LFS. The temp in the tank is at a constant 28 degrees C and I have properly acclimatised them. It is planted as well as a piece of driftwood to give them plenty of hiding sports. They are happily swimming around but was...
  18. S

    Rams - Buying Pairs In So. Cal.

    All,   I live in Mission Viejo, CA (Southern California - between LA and San Diego) and wouldl like to acquire a pair of German Blue Rams.  All my LFSs have are males.  Does anyone have any ideas where I could buy a pair or just a female?   BTW, I suspect the major reason behind this is that the...
  19. AeonMapa

    Tough Little Rams

    So when I was researching blue rams before I picked up my first pair about a year ago, I read they were sensitive, skittish, and easily bullied. All in all a frail delicate fish. After breeding them in a 10 gallon, I decided to try some out as members of a 50 gallon community.   They were the...
  20. Seeker

    Dwarf Cichlids And Friends :)

    Hello cichlid fans,   I made a fairly general "help me compile a stocking list" thread over in the Tropical Discussion forums a few days ago; to summarise, I like characterful individual fish while the OH wants a fairly traditional community.  We're looking at getting a Trigon 190 for the living...