1. nofishinginmytank

    Meet My Other Pets!

    These are my other pets, Comment yours below :)   Clown, 16hh shire cross welsh cob, he is 10 years old and I love him to death! He only do hacking out and basic dressage competitions. I used to do alot of small show jumping competitions but Clown is scared of jumps and panics and starts shaking...
  2. Liv15

    Should I Get My Rabbits Neutered?

    I have 5 rabbits, 1 is my house bunny and the others are outdoors. My house bunny is male and will be 3 in September this year. He has also been bred before. The outdoor bunnies: 2 females are living in the same hutch (they are mother and daughter), both have been bred before. Their ages are...
  3. Liv15

    Can I Keep These Rabbits Together..?

    I have a lionhead buck which I breed from (although I don't think I want another litter for a while.) and a (half) lionhead doe. I have bred from the doe before but she is too old now that it would be cruel/risky to breed from her again. My lionhead buck is my house bunny, he lives in a large...