1. C

    General Questions

    Hello guys! I'm a french animals stan and french engineer. I'm on a project of making a device able to make the settings easier and cheaper for a reptile enclosure or an aquarium. And for that, I need opinions from enclosure/aquarium holder. So if you please can answer to the poll ^^ I'll...
  2. Cameronb_01

    Fish Shops In London

    Hi Everyone, I live in London and I have been looking around on the web and my LFS which is the Aquatics Design Centre appears to be the only decently sized fish store in the area. I live in Hampstead and apart from the aquatics design centre and small garden centres I can't find any other...
  3. GriffinC18

    20 Gal- 40 Gal Tanks

    So i have been looking for a 20-40 gallon tanks, for a decent price. I have yet to really find what i am looking for, so i thought why not ask the people who own fish?   It can be a setup (one that includes the filter and heater in box) if the price is decent.   or just the aquarium that you...
  4. J

    Is This Oscar Rare?

    Is this Oscar rare and how much is it worth?