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pregnant guppies

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  1. Tacocat

    How much longer till my guppy gives birth?

    Hi there! I have a pair of fancy guppies, and the female looks pregnant. Can someone tell me roughly how far in she is until she gives birth? Thanks! The first photo is just now, the others are a few days old.
  2. C

    Pregnant Guppy ??

    This is one of my female guppies and I suspect she’s pregnant I have a plant hideout along the wall and she’s been hiding in it since I put it in there and I want to be prepared how far along does she seem ?
  3. Dopatri

    Is my guppy pregnant?

    Hi, I’m wondering if my female guppy is pregnant, she looks pregnant to me, but I could do with other people’s opinions. I’m just a bit skeptical because the previous female guppy I bought ended up dying 3 days after I got her. I was told she was pregnant from the store I got her but I’m pretty...
  4. FishFry420


  5. T

    Why won't my guppy drop her fry??? Please help...

    Hello, I am having a little complication with about several of my female guppies. They just won't drop their fry. They are huge and look as if they are balloons on the verge of popping. Now between them they are going on about a month and a half to 2 months without dropping any fry and I know...
  6. C

    Pregnant guppies or just fat?

    I'm new to the fish hobby and surprisingly I like it more than I ever thought i would. ( My son and his grandmother wanted a tank). I've been waiting anxiously to see if these three females are pregnant. Help put my mind at ease lol
  7. C

    Weird Pregnant Guppy Gravid Spot

    Hey guys, So I have two pregnant female guppies, and both have fairly large gravid spots and have already squared off but will probably get a bit bigger. Anyways, in the morning their gravid spots are a translucent pink or orange, but as the day goes on, the gravid spot goes back to black like...