1. D


    I have a marble molly who i cant tell the sex. they wee fine earlier today and then i came home and they were laying at the bottom of the tank. I isolated them in a cup and theyre trying to eat but sink everytime they try to swim. What can I do? Im really concerned and dont want to lose them.
  2. J

    Molly Fish: After Male Inserts Sperm, How Long Until Black Pregnancy D

    Hi, I am Joseph... I was just wondering how long after sperm was inserted into the female, does the female show that she is pregnant or in other words the "black dot" appears in front of her "anal fin?"
  3. jessithebuckeye

    Update: My Molly Did Have More Fry! Wasn't Just Constipated&#3

    Hi! Sorry it has been so long since I last posted. I've been quite busy with doctors appointments, new medications, and all around anorexia recovery!    I posted in the Livebearer forums on August 26th concerning my Adult Female Molly. I thought she was pregnant but hadn't had any babies yes...
  4. C

    Mollies & Pregnancy!

    Evening All, I am a newbie here looking for help and saying HEY!    Ok, So a bit about why i'm here ((Yawn))   We set up a tropical tank around 1 month ago made it a peaceful community. Guppies, Mollies etc So feeding time yesterday my other half pops his head over the tank to drop in the food...
  5. Moolly

    What Happened To My Swordtails Pregnancy?!

    When I bought my swordtail, the woman in the shop said that she picked out a 'nicely pregnant' one. As the days went past she seemed to be gradually getting bigger and bigger and thought she might pop at any moment, although my friend who has been keeping fish for nearly 10 years assured me that...