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  1. Piranhaman1969

    £50 each 6 x Adult Red Bellied Piranha (Pygocentrus Nattereri)

    6 x Adult Red Bellied Piranha's for sale & good to go to a new home. I have reared these from babies, they are healthy and feeding well and have had a large tank to grow and are currently 9 - 10 inches & will grow bigger. Stunning colours with intense red belly's and gold & olive scales ...
  2. W

    Tank size Advice needed

    Hi everyone, looking for some advice on what sized tank I need. I’ve been keeping fish for many years and decided it’s time to finally invest in my biggest tank yet for a predator fish I am aiming on buying 2-3 Bichirs (my dream fish) as well as some large tank mates such as Oscars, maybe even a...
  3. KatNor21

    Need recommendations for a pest-eating nano fish

    I have a 5.5gal shrimp tank that is overrun with pests. I have flatworms and detritus worms all over the glass, plus little white specks that dart around, and some grammarus or something living in the sand. Mostly I just want to get rid of the worms. It's really hard not to overfeed the tank as...
  4. Falconwithaboxon


    Hello guys, So I got home today to find one of my Neon Tetras dead. Usually I wouldn't be super worried, it happens sometimes, but he had a large chunk taken out of him. Something ate part of him but I have no idea if he died first or died from the bite. I have Angelfish and Dwarf Gourami in...
  5. G

    Questions about Freshwater Predators and oddball fish

    Q 1. is there any nano piscivore or carnivore fish species which is readily available all over the world ? Q 2. 4 ft long tank pure predator fish recommendation but fish should be readily available all over the world. and some odd balls that can live with them. Q 3. i love pink tail chalceus and...
  6. jangjang

    Multiple Predator Fishes In A Tank

    Hi everyone..    I am new with fishes and starting to get serious in this predator fish thing..   I bought some Predator fishes yesterday, planning to combine it with my Bigger Alligator Gar..   I Bought: (They are all around the same size, except the Albino Bichir) - 1 Spatula Gar - 2 Alligator...