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  1. I Like Rare Fish

    Some random pics of my bichirs

    Some cool pics of my bichirs. I have a 90 gallon tank (48”x18”x24”wide), which is currently housing 3 juvenile bichirs. I’ve had the Delhezi (Sparky) since he was only a few inches. The mokele and Palmas I’ve had for a month or so, and the Senegal I got yesterday to help spread aggression...
  2. ballons

    Question About Bichir

    Hello, First of all i wanted to ask about bichir. Im kinda new about this thing. I just want to how much time should i feed eat per day. Also, the best food for bichir and btw i dont know about my bichir type. So if anyone have any experience in keeping a bichir, let me know it. Thanks guy :-)