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  1. C

    Albino Bristlenose - Red on head

    Hi all, I noticed this morning that my Albino Bristlenose head is red. I can't get a picture of it. It doesn't look like it's a sore but rather under the skin. The fish is eating fine and carrying on as usual. Just a bit worried. This is the first Albino Bristlenose I've had.
  2. SwagmasterGengar

    Cleft palate??

    Hey guys! I'm pretty new here, and to fishkeeping in general (ik I'm not the best at it quite yet) but I have a question. Is it possible for fish, specifically Plecos, to have a cleft palate? I've noticed that my boy Bartleby's lip tends to lift to one side if he's laying on the bottom of the...
  3. Manny

    Newbie here

    hey ya! I’ll try to keep this short an brief My girls kid unplug filter and pump By “accident “ and rep lugged it back several hours later. Month goes by at least, I’ve changed water Clean filter out at least twice “was told that it was wrong” Change water again. Tank still cloudy. Then...