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  1. R

    Please Help!

    “Santa” (my mother)got my 5 year old fish for Christmas. I have 2 rescued dogs and a cat but I’ve never had fish. We now have a 20 gallon community tank. There is a female betta (who is the one I am most worried about), cory cats, glow tetras (who the people at the store said would be perfect...
  2. S

    Albino pleco babies

    Hay guys. So my boy has been tiresly looking after to what I think much be around 25 baby plecs. Argh, he’s been in the fry net and cave since 3 days ago, babies have been hatched a bit longer and are growing big and strong. Any idea when I should kick dad out? He’s in a net cage there is access...
  3. Wizard Lizard

    Upside down catfish tank mate questions.

    So just a couple of things to get out of the way, this is my first post on this forum, idk what im doing, and im bad with words so please bear with me, ill try my best to be nice, polite, and clear. Also im not new to this hobby (couldnt find a better place to post this so if this is in the...
  4. F

    Worried about platy

    Hello, I am posting because I’m concerned my platy may have pop eye but I’m not entirely sure. I’ll post pictures at the end. He’s perfectly healthy otherwise so I’m having a hard time telling if he might have pop eye or if I’m just worrying about him too much. He’s my favourite fish and I’m...