platy gestation

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  1. S

    Platy looks a bit boxy

    My platy looks a bit boxy and i would like some confirmation from someone who knows what they're doing
  2. S

    Lazy or labor?

    My pregnant platy is just sitting there doing nothing.. Just sitting unless i get too close Is she getting ready for labour?
  3. S

    Why is my male platy aggressiveley chasing my female

    My male platy has been chasing my female around agressiveley and id like to know why
  4. S

    Pregnant platy cloacas open?

    Both of my pregnant platys seem yo have an open cloaca and im a bit worried
  5. L

    Pregnant guppies & one platy

    Hi I have 3 guppies (2 female, one male) 2 platys (1 female, 1 male) and a fry platy- we got it from the pet store a few months ago. Well both of my girl guppies look pregnant, I think the lighter colored one gave birth and we missed it because her gravel spot disappeared and she got smaller -...
  6. C

    What type of fish is this?

    Hello, New to this and have a Cold water tank with goldfish and two other (platies) I think. Also have a tropical tank with guppies and puffers. Please could someone advise me what type of fish this is and if she's pregnant as she's huge compared to her tank mate. Thanks in advance. Chloe
  7. Reannone96

    My Platy Is Pregnant But Roughly How Far Along Is She?

    We have two female and one male platy. He keeps chasing both females and like head butting them. He is quite violent towards them. Anyway, she has been pregnant a while now but I'm wondering when will she drop? She's eating fine but isolating herself a lot at the back of the tank near the...