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planted 29 gallon

  1. rebe

    Trigonostigma Hengeli, does anyone have experience keeping these fish? (Also known as glowlight rasboras)

    For simplicity sake, in this post I'll be referring to trigonostigma hengeli as "the rasboras". Hello! I was hoping that there might be some of you who have kept this fish recently or in the past. I'm really keen to hear your opinions and experiences in keeping them, in community tanks but...
  2. rebe

    My planted 105L Tank (28-29 Gal) and related questions

    Hello everyone! Thank you for your help on my posts so far. I have a couple of open threads on various topics but they often cross over and get confusing. So I'm making this general one for questions, discussions, and updates so that things don't get confusing. I will link my previous threads...
  3. rebe

    I've gotten a bit lost with my cycle

    Hi all, Rebe here. A few of you might recognise me or my tank from previous threads, I'm afraid I'm here to ask loads of questions again! My set up: Tank: Aquael Leddy 75 (105 L, 75x35x40 cm) Filter: Aquael ASAP 500 (with homemade prefilter and sponge redirecting the flow from the surface)...
  4. L

    Little update on my tank

    Tried to get a few videos of my tank, unfortunately the cories were nowhere to be seen so its mainly a video of my frogs and snails hanging out at the top! Tank has been set up for 2 months and I'm happy with how it's going although will be happier when the plants grow in a bit more.
  5. rebe

    Fishless cycling and fish brainstorming

    Hi again everyone! First of all thank you so much for all of your help and advice in my last thread. I am so grateful, especially since I don't know of any aquarium hobbyists or groups irl. For this thread I'd like to hear your opinions/advice for fishless cycling. Last year I first attempted...
  6. IMG_1909.jpeg


    Beautiful betta Dory! Showing off his beautiful colors