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  1. Ryan10

    Video My Red Belly Piranha Feedings

    Here are a few of my Red Belly Piranha videos. It took over a year to put this shoal together. I started rescuing them from local fish stores. I was going to start with juvies but I saw two big guys in a very small tank with half dead goldfish swimming with them. I felt bad for them, so I bought...
  2. KINGshinobi


      Hi guys my name is kingshinobi. I have a 400liter/105gallon piranha aquarium with four 15year old redbelly Piranha in it.   I made some videos of it to share with you.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZPeCDerA4c&list=UUdLMWRcDb6b1gJrYXWK95Zg&index=2  ...