1. D

    Drakal's reef tank : RedSea Max Nano

    Hello! I'd like to give you a brief introduction to my reef aquarium. It has been up and running for 2 years : In terms of equipment, I have: Tank : RedSea Max Nano Skimmer : stock (RedSea Max Nano) with SkimBreeze Light : stock (RS 50) Return pump : JEBAO DCS-1200 Wave maker : JEBAO SLW-10...
  2. azurajae

    My Bettas / Can my Betta recognize me?

    Hey y'all! I'm a happy owner of three bettas, but I've noticed something really interesting. This is more of a trivia question than anything, but I'd love to know because I couldn't find much about it online. I have three Bettas: Puyo, Bonbon, and Isola. I live in a 4+ family but I'm the only...
  3. Phalloceros

    130 gallon planted tank

    Hi everyone, I would like to share some pictures with you about my 130 gallon tank. I would like to hear what you think. Total Ancistrus cf. cirrhosus, bristlenose pleco Mikrogeophagus altispinosus, Bolivian ram Botia almorhae, yo-yo loach Thorichthys meeki, firemouth cichlid
  4. nasy

    Show me your Fish!

    Hello all, As I am new to this forum, and a blood red parrot owner, I would love to see pictures of other's fish as well! Please feel free to drop as many pictures of your fish :)
  5. ukdamon

    Personal Website

    As a lover of fish keeping and photography, I love taking photos of my fish, shrimp and frogs. So as a bit of fun, I have created my own website called 'Soggy Friends'. The site is still fairly new and I still need to do some work on it, but I thought i'd share it with you.
  6. Waterfins

    Dragon and Pheonix

    Just pictures of my two betta fish:
  7. AeonMapa

    Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Growth Journal :)

    Hi I know I've started a similar thread under the name ebjd journey but it seems this is a more appropriate place to put it. I purchased this fish in late March 2014, I saw one of the local importers put an ad up on facebook,I've always dreamed of owning one but could never find them in my...
  8. Robbo85

    New Nano Tank

    So i have decided to take the jump into marine and set up a 15l nano tank.   I decided to go with the TMC 15 as it suited my budget, size and read some good write ups and blogs.   Its been running for two weeks now and has been filled with live sand,  live rock and RO water. all perameters are...
  9. SmexxyNick

    Put Up Some More Pics Of Random Things

    Sorry for posting irrelevant post aha last one i promise, but check em out c:
  10. SmexxyNick

    Took Some Semi Nature Shots, Opinions ?

    First time even attempting to take pictures ahaha but i'm starting to get into Photography and i love it, so tell me what ya think c: ty <--- (pics)
  11. Robbo89

    25 Gallon Planted Community Tank Journal (With Pics)

    Hey all, Going to start a journal for my community tank, starting from day 1 (a very dirty, in poor condition tank) to finished product (hopefully something a bit better than day 1 )   By the end I'd love to have a really cool looking before/after pic, but along the way I'll try to put as many...
  12. TallTree01

    What's Your Fav Pic? ( Poll )

    some other members and me wanted to do a poll to decide my new profile pic. These are the best I could find. If you can find better feel free to add! :) Just realized the links didn't work. You'll have to copy and paste the links into the largish bar above your tabs. Edit: decided to make this...