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  1. Demeter32

    Former Newbie's African Cichlid Experience

    Brief history of how I got into keeping African: 17 year old me was observing the fish in the dreaded Walmart when I looked into the "Assorted Cichlids" tank and saw a lovely 2 inch white and black fish and a slightly smaller dark blue one. I knew what Africans were and all I had in my 20gal at...
  2. DHJac

    Stocking Has Begun!

    Hello all.  It's been a few years since I had a tank and when I did, I made the mistake of putting fish in that needed more space than I had to offer and thought all brackish fish could tolerate the same SG conditions.  Hey, info was hard to come by on brackish fish back then.  I learned along...
  3. Ps3Steveo


    Tank - Arc 60 Filter - Aquamanta 800LPH external Heater - 100W internal soon to be external CO2 - 2KG FE, Dici reg, UP inline diffuser 1.5BPS Lighting - DIY LED 33W Ferts - Neutro T 6ml daily Hardscape - Mini landscape rock maybe & redmoor Plants - Not sure yet got some Microsorum mini(app its...