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  1. yardsales

    Hi, I'd like to update my filter.

    Hey guys. I was wanting to upgrade my filter because I feel like it would be a great benefit for my fish. Currently, I have a Golden Gourami, a Flame Gourami, a Rose Barb, and 2 guppies. I currently have a TopFin 20-gallon hexagon tank...
  2. ukdamon

    Personal Website

    As a lover of fish keeping and photography, I love taking photos of my fish, shrimp and frogs. So as a bit of fun, I have created my own website called 'Soggy Friends'. The site is still fairly new and I still need to do some work on it, but I thought i'd share it with you. www.soggyfriends.com
  3. J

    Sea Urchin Id And Feeding

    Hi everyone,   I have had this lovely sea urchin thrown into my care. I wasn't planning on having any for quite some time but alas I have one.   I know the set up, general care, salinity, all that good stuff for salt water inverts and tanks. But I was wondering if anyone knew what species/kind...
  4. R

    Bare Area Of Tank Needs Planting, Any Advice?

    Need some advice of what to plant to fill a Bare part of my tank. The back of the tank has a bare part . I want something that is hardy and strong to fill it. I have no co2 and just basic lights but have had success with plants. Trying to post a photo but can't work it out yet