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  1. K

    Tiny surface jumping bugs on floating plants

    There are some tiny bugs hanging out on my floating plants - mostly my red root floaters. When I move the plants, the jump off onto the surface of the water then jump back. They've been there probably a month. I had hoped they would go away, but they are multiplying. My pearl gourami do not...
  2. ShmolanMcGolan

    Round beetle-like creatures found in my aquarium (and flatworms)

    I need some assistance... I recently bought some aquarium plants, and with them came detritus worms (which I expected) but after a while, small flea looking bugs started swimming around my aquarium. There seem to be two different types as well. Some tend to glide around, while others dart super...
  3. M

    Pest Snail help

    Hi, apologies if this is in the wrong place but I could do with some advice. I have a 75l tank with a mix of small fish guppys, tetras etc. The tank currently has an issue with snails! A rogue one turned up on a plant I bought and now I have 100s! I've bought 5 assassin snails and they've helped...
  4. B

    Tiny bugs in tank, living on drift wood

    Hi all, there's tiny little bugs living on my drift wood. Anyone know what they are and if they're harmless? I only discovered them because I left a pea in there for my fish and when I checked it the pea was covered in them, they looked black on the pea but they look white on the wood! Now I've...
  5. J

    Oh Noes! Aiptasia Anemone?

    Hello friends!   I'm new to the forum and my experience is mainly with fresh water but a friend of mine recently gave me a basic salt water aquarium and it has a couple of anemones on the live rock. Once I got the tank home and setup I managed to find one but the other one seems to have...