1. L

    Pearl Gourami Wound

    I have had this male pearl gourami (His name is "Wiggums"  ) For over a few years (I'm not sure, I got him when I was pretty young.) When I moved him to a larger tank from his original he began to have a large wound on the side of his head, like something was biting into his flesh. I have no...
  2. ReddSamurai

    Fishy Pictures

    sorry about the poor camera
  3. D34DLY

    West Midlands - Selling X6 Celestial Pearl Danios

    Hi my fellow friends :)   Livestock: Celestial Pearl Danios (Galaxy Rasboras) Quantity for sale: 6 Reason for Sale: Upgrade to a 222 litre tank. Delivery or Collection: Collection Available. (Enquire For Postage) Sales price: £3.00 Per Fish Postage & Packaging: FREE Collection /...