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  1. T

    High GH and low PH? Any fix?

    Hey yall, Currently trying to figure out a predicament i have. My tap water is very hard where I live (Im aware GH and PH are not exactly correlated as far as i know). I have a 10 Gallon Planted tank, 6 ember tetras a female betta and 6 neocaridina shrimp. They all behvae normally and eat and...
  2. V

    I can't get a test kit because my parents said I don't need it!

    I finally saw the test kit I wanted today and picked it up. My mom put it back, saying it was too expensive and that test strips do the same thing. The strips have 5 in a package and could potentially be inaccurate. I have a disability that prevents me from getting a job, otherwise I would have...
  3. V

    Help me with my unintentional negligence

    I realized that I haven't been cleaning the tank properly, but was only concerned when my corydoras started dying off. I was doing water changes with cups (but I did add water conditioner). I would set a reminder to do it every two weeks. I want to get a siphon but I'm afraid I could...
  4. S

    Newbie(ish) New Freshwater Aquarium Water Parameters Help Needed!

    Hi all, I've just started keeping fresh water tropicals after a 20 year break and I am concerned about some of the test readings I am getting. In particular I am confused about how dangerous nitrate is for fish. My readings are Ammonia 0 mg/L(ppm) - OK Nitrite 0.25 mg/L(ppm) - I think is OK...
  5. Flinkbag

    Please Help! Fish Breathing Very Rapidly!

    I really need someone to respond to this post asap!   I had an issue a month ago where i had foamy bubbles forming on the surface of the water, and all my fish seemed to be struggling to breathe. Now the bubbles are back in a much more mild form, yet my fish are all breathing ridiculously hard...
  6. G

    Initial Water Test Results (Help)

    Hi Everyone,   I'm new to this forum so please excuse me if I have put this in the wrong place.     My brother used to keep tropical fish when we were kids, so I have a little bit of knowledge about tropical fish and their care, but wanted some assistance with my water quality results.     I...