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  1. M

    Clamped fin/Partial paralysis

    We have a female Guppy that has a clamped tail and partial paralysis. She is swimming and feeding okay. None of the other fish in the tank seem to be effected. Is this something as simple as a stroke or should I start a form of treatment just in case? Any recommendations?
  2. Alyssum

    Please Help: Sterbai Cory Paralysis, Twitching, "seizures"

    Please help: Sterbai Cory paralysis, twitching, "seizures" Hello, I'm posting on this forum because one of my cories has had a rapid decline in health. I've  posted on several sites and have gotten very little advice or none at all. I'm trying to be as  detailed as possible with pictures and...
  3. I

    Oto Cat Paralysis? Dying?

    Hello. I joined this forum to ask this question. Here's my current tank set-up: I have a 20 gallon tank with an under-gravel filtration system as well as a new power filter (rated for 20-30 gallon aquariums). I don't have a good water testing kit but the pH is pretty much 7.0, no detectable...