1. S

    Plants and par

    Would I be able to grow plants such as dwarf hair grass and normal hair grass in a par of just over 60 (taken from bottom of tank)
  2. S

    Light Helpppp

    I have a FluvalSmart aqua sky 2.0 21-32" size on a 58 litre tank the dimensions are as follows Height:33.5cm Length:60cm Width:30cm What level of light would this be as in bright low or medium What sort of plants would I be able to grow
  3. Ch4rlie

    Measuring Led Lights

    I seem to be having a little trouble trying to understand how aquarium lights are measured, in particular LED lights.   Advice and recommendations would be more than welcome.   Recently I had purchased these LED at 3 watts per led, with the plan for a high tech 22l nano tank.  ...